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  1. greentater

    greentater Bilis

    I live in New Zealand and have damaged the level wind on my Banax Kaigen 1000. I am finding it virtually impossible to find someone capable of repairing it, does anyone have a list of repair agents that I can send it too? Can I buy the parts and fix it myself? Thanks for any help that you can give. Bruce
  2. deviljinz

    deviljinz Marlin

    yes. you can order the parts from tce tackles in malaysia. but i would personally recommend you get it from your local shop since you're located in NZ. if you're good in reel customs perhaps you can try other fishing reel to do the parts replacement only get similar model and do the replacement.
  3. ewak

    ewak Arowana

    tq deviljinz..aku nk jawab tp speaking berabuk..takut greentater x paham..mgkin pak tegra@tiagra bleh tlg psl agen banax malaysia ada kat kulim penang ;D ;D said by deviljinz..i think the level wind is just same with other brand (manual or electric reel) and can be changeable..the main problem is how to fix it..part no. is 039/040


  4. Jimmy

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    ;D ;D ;D...tu dia berabuk speaking noooo....
  5. anaklaut

    anaklaut 0176978709

    do u have any friends in malaysia?
    If u do, then send it to him, after u'r friend deal with tce tackle malaysia(authorised dealer 4 banax) then he will send it back to u

    1 cent opinion...;D
  6. ewak

    ewak Arowana

    hampesss :D :D
  7. greentater

    greentater Bilis

    I have been offshore for work for some time. I was happily surprised to find the number of replies to my concerns. Thank you all. I have just looked at a post from Alan in Hawaii, very clever. I got nearly as far but couldn't undo two screws in the heat shrink thingy, (that was the next to go after the level wind). I made a temporary fix by putting an inline switch and winding back the drag when near the surface. Most of my deep water fish "blow" in the last 50 or so metres. I have since stripped the threads on the star drag trying to horse in a big one. The old girl should live again with your shared knowledge.
    Thank you.


    come to NZ look me up.
  8. fisherman007

    fisherman007 Bilis

    Hi there-this reel can be repaired in New Zealand there is a repairer on the outskirts of Christchurch who repairs all the brands- parts are readily available
  9. mahathir

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