D7L : Burma Banks 2017 (Trip Tepian Siklon)

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  1. Salam semua ahli PNET .... Ikuti laporan trip kami baru-baru ni.



    In line with our new motto and logo for 2017, Explore & Inspire - D7L continue to further explore Andaman Sea by paving new fishing frontiers and spots for the knowledge of fellows local anglers. Todate, D7L have scaled famous fishing spots of Andaman Sea including Nicobar Island, Invisible Banks, Burma Banks, Surin, Andaman IW, Similian, Koh Lanta, Adang, Khao Lak, Phuket Achipelago and many other places. Nicobar itself is having more than 100 fishing spots to explore. Infact, D7L was the first Malaysian Team to scale Nicobar Islands via sea-route in 2015 from Ranong Jetty, Thailand.

    PLEASE VISIT OUR BLOG FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE ......http://dewa7lautan.blogspot.my/#!/2017/01/international-trip-burma-banks-2017.html

    Well, here are some equipment tips for fishing in Andaman waters ....

    Bottom Fishing (Average Depth 150 - 200 meters)
    Reel : Heavy Electrical Reel/ Multiplier with braided line >80lb (PE7 above).
    Rod : PE 5 & above
    Sinker : 1.5kg - 3 kg
    Hook : Size 8/0 - 10/0 (Circle Hook)
    Battery : 2 units (fully charged)
    Apollo : Main Line (Mono 150lb); Branch (Mono 120lb)
    Use Hard Beads & Strong Swivel at branches.

    Jigging (Cast, Fast & Slow)
    Rod : Heavy (PE 4 above) ; Medium (up to PE 3); Micro (PE 1)
    Reel : Heavy (8000 Series & above) ; Medium (4000-6000 series); Micro (3000 series below)
    Jigs : More luminous (Orange, Red & Blue are favorites)
    Jig Brands : ..... up to you. Samples includes SFC, Andaman, Seven Seas...
    Jig Size : Depends on which technique (all sizes from 60 gram - 500 gram)
    Shock Leader : Min 50lb.

    Reel : 10K series and above
    Rod : PE7 above (Popping Rods)
    Popper : ..... up to you. Sample includes Gamma, Napalm, Native Works...



    PLEASE VISIT OUR BLOG FOR MORE PHOTOS ...... http://dewa7lautan.blogspot.my/#!/2017/01/international-trip-burma-banks-2017.html
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